I always loved computers, internet, software and the idea of creating stuff. I started with building personal websites with pure and primal HTML then slowly slowly using online tutorials, following forums and attending seminars I have learned a lot about seo optimization and website design.

Iit’s not really easy to learn SEO actually you can’t learn it at schools or institutes, as search engine optimization is something that changes constantly or with every algorithm change at Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Those techniques that have been working few months ago may not work now.

But don’t worry I am up to date with SEO changes simply because I turned my hobby into my job and for me is a pleasure to read the new books of the industry as well as discuss the new tips and tricks at my favorite seo forums.

I am committed to help you build your online success because your success is my success. My goal is to achieve affordable web design for everyone that converts visitors into customers.

If you think we can work together please email me at: info@webdesigncyprus.com or call me at: +357 99409142